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Children’s meals include a small drink. (children’s meals are for children aged 12 years or younger.)

55. KID’S STEAK AND FRIES (L,G)             8,90 €

Pork minute steak, French fries, flavoured butter and cucumber and carrot sticks.

56. SALMON AND MASH POTATOES (L,G)                    9,90 €

Lightly smoked salmon with mashed potato and cucumber and carrot sticks.

57. CAR CLUB FRIES (L,G)      5,10 €

French fries.

58. KIDS HOT ROD BURGER (L)                  7,90 €

Children’s burger with a hamburger patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce and ketchup, served with French fries.

59. ROCKET FUEL PLATTER (L)                 7,90 €

French fries, deep-fried chicken fillet strips and cucumber and carrot sticks.

60. PASTA BOLOGNESE (L)    6,50 €

Spaghetti and minced meat in tomato sauce.

61. PIZZA BAMBINO (VL)       7,20 €

Ham and pineapple.


Two toppings of your choice.