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For one or to share

1. FINGER PLATTER                18,90 €

Sweet potato fries, jalapeño poppers, beer-battered onion rings, mozzarella sticks, chilli mayonnaise and Aura® blue cheese sauce.

2. MACHO PLATTER                19,90/ (R) 18,90 €

French fries, spicy sausage of the season, garlic sausage, tender beef brisket and BBQ sauce.

3. DADDY’S PARTY PLATTER                     19,90 €

Breaded chicken fillet strips, battered halloumi cheese, falafel balls and sweet potato fries. Served with salsa and garlic mayonnaise.


4. SHRIMP SALAD (L)              17,90/(R) 16,90 €

Lettuce, citrus-herb oil, marinated red onion, avocado, semi-dried tomato, cucumber, dried cranberry and focaccia, served with marinated tiger prawn and herb crème fraîche.

5. CHICKEN HALLOUMI SALAD                 15,90 €

Lettuce, citrus-herb oil, marinated red onion, avocado, semi-dried tomato, cucumber, dried cranberry and focaccia, served with Finnish chicken breast fillet, halloumi cheese and balsamic vinegar dressing.

6. BRISKET RANCH SALAD (L)                   16,90 €

Lettuce, tender beef brisket, ranch dressing, parmesan, bacon and focaccia.


Served with French fries. Sandwiches contain pesto, iceberg lettuce, citrus oil, tomato and marinated red onion.

7. BRISKET (VL)  15,90/ 15,00 €

Tender beef brisket with ranch dressing.


Finnish chicken breast fillet, goat’s cheese and balsamic vinegar dressing.

9. SALMON          16,50 €

Lightly smoked salmon with herb crème fraîche.

10. VEGAN (VEGAANINEN ANNOS)          15,20 €

Pulled peas and semi-dried tomato. (pesto replaced with herb oil)


11. CLASSIC CHEESE (L)         150G 14,40 300G 17,40 €

Finnish hamburger patty, cheddar cheese and Daddy’s mayonnaise.

12. FAT DADDY’S (L)               150 G 14,90/ 300G 17,90 €

Finnish hamburger patty, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and Daddy’s mayonnaise.

13. BACON’N BLUE (L)            150G 15,20/ 300G 18,20 €

Finnish hamburger patty, smoked bacon, Aura® blue cheese and Aura® blue cheese dressing.

14. GARLIG BOMB (L)             150G 14,70 /300G 17,70/ (R) 16,90 €

Finnish hamburger patty, garlic oil, cheddar cheese, garlic mayonnaise.

15. GREAT GRAND DADDY’S (L)                150G 18,90/ 300G 22,90 €

Finnish hamburger patty, pulled pork, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg, beer-battered onion rings and Daddy’s mayonnaise.

16. HOT DADDY’S (L)               150G 15,90/ 300G 18,90 €

Finnish hamburger patty, cheddar cheese, pepperoni, chilli salsa, chilli mayonnaise and peperoncino. (HOT)

17. CHEDDAR CHICKEN         14,40 €

Finnish chicken breast fillet, cheddar cheese and cheddar mayonnaise.

18. HALLOUMI CHICKEN       15,90 €

Finnish chicken breast fillet wrapped in dry-cured ham, halloumi cheese, pesto, balsamic vinegar and rocket.

29. FIT DADDY’S (L)                 15,90/ (R) 14,90 €

Seed bun, Finnish chicken breast fillet, avocado, rocket, marinated red onion and fresh tomato salsa. Served with green salad.

20.     GREEN DADDY´S           14,90/ (R) 13,90 €

Falafel patty, vegan cheese, sun-dried tomato dressing.


21. MOZZARELLA STICKS     3,50 €

Mozzarella sticks (4 pcs) with chilli mayonnaise dip.

22. ONION RINGS (L)               3,50 €

Beer-battered onion rings (4 pcs) with garlic mayonnaise dip.

23, CHICKEN CRISPERS          4,20 €

Deep-fried, breaded chicken fillet strips (3 pcs) with Daddy’s mayonnaise.

24. CHEDDAR JALAPENOPOPPERS            5,50/ (R) 4,50 €

Battered, cheddar-stuffed jalapeños (4 pcs) with herb crème fraîche.

25. SWEET POTATO FRIES (L,G)                 4,50 €

Sweet potato fries with Aura® blue cheese dip.

26. FRENCH FRIES (L,G)          4,50 €

French fries with Daddy’s dip.